HUNGER PREMIERE: Alicai Harley drops visceral visuals for ‘Rushing’

Check out the premiere for Rushing, an ode to the Caribbean summer.

Ahead of her whirlwind year, Alicai Harley’s new track Rushing has already created waves in the music industry with its eclectic mix of dancehall, RnB and rap melodies and now paired with its visuals of beaches so beautiful you’ll want to jump on a plane. Right now.

Harley’ has been an exciting fresh figure in the music industry gaining attention from some of the most influential heads in the business, she’s had co signs from the likes of Alesha Dixon, Fekky, Spragga Benz and Jay Rock etc. And within Rushing’s initial release week it had already secured radio plays by Radio 1 dance DJ queen Annie Mac and Rickie, Melvin & Charlie on Radio 1.

Rushing is a rewind to early 2000s nostalgia, shot by a tropical coastline the video features Harley cruising around in a drop-top convertible and drop-jaw dance routines, throughout the visuals for Rushing it’s clear the summer anthem is laced with Caribbean influences and a homage to the artist’s Jamaican heritage.

“The melody and title ‘Rushing’ initially come from me messing around and singing my friends name and the lyrics and content itself was just off of pure vibes and me expression my feelings on a past relationship, I was rushing for your loving… literally ha ha” says Harley

Scroll down to watch the premiere of Rushing.

9 July 2019