HUNGER PREMIERE: Ariana and the Rose drops captivating visuals for ‘Night Owl’

Nostalgic nightlife in vibrant visuals.

Bringing us cosmic creations each bigger and better than the last, Ariana and the Rose’s ‘Night Owl’ is her most playful yet. Taking things back to the 80s with some synthy beats and a funky bass-line, the track is pure alt-pop perfection, rough around the edges in its hedonism but smooth as ever in its delivery.

Emerging from a dark place, the song was Ariana’s self-love anthem for recovery – “I was coming out of a tough few months and just beginning to feel like myself again,” the artist explained “there had been another piece of news on TV that was just so disheartening. I sat down in the studio and wanted to make something that would life everyone up”, Ariana emphasises, “The mood of the song is about standing on your own two feet.”

Check out the enchanting new video below now, and follow Ariana and the Rose on Instagram here. For a sneak peek behind the scenes on set, click through the exclusive images in the gallery below too…

9 January 2019