HUNGER PREMIERE: Cartae drops psychedelic new video for single ‘You Care’

The Mini Kingz member takes a vibrant step into the solo world.

Cartae, known as the female icon of North London collective Mini Kingz, has stepped into the solo world with her new infectious single ‘You Care’. Working on a brand new EP, entitled Minutes, the debut solo star has created a sensual new sound blending psychedelic vibes and R&B sensuality.

Directed by Jay Green, the man behind the works of Wiley, P Money and more, the vibrant video of ‘You Care’ grants us a fresh perspective on Cartae’s world. Bringing together the diverse influences and intricate inspirations on her music, the rising star has made a unique creation, setting Cartae up to be a definite one to watch.

“The video is basically what goes on inside my mind. I see everything in an abstract was”, the rising star explained, “So this is my way of dealing with heartache and trying to move on whilst juggling the insecurities that come with chasing love.”

Check out the powerful video below now and follow Cartae on Instagram here.

15 May 2019