9 November 2018

HUNGER PREMIERE: CLAY drops politically charged new track ‘Orange’

Taking on Trump one killer track at a time.

Proving herself to be the powerhouse songstress 2018 needs, CLAY has upped her skill to new politically powered levels thanks to the new track, ‘Orange’. Taking down the giant cheese puff himself, her single captures the feelings of unrest, confusion and injustice, now associated with a very specific colour. As the artist herself explains, “I wanted to write a song about Donald Trump, and this is what came into fruition. It has since taken on so many additional meanings. The colour orange is often associated with joy, light and happiness, and to me, given the current social climate, through all the hate, discrimination and injustice, these sentiments are hard to feel. This song is meant to be sung with two middle fingers up and a big smile on your face, as sometimes all you can do is either laugh or cry. While writing it, I did both.”

Keen to make music that moves people and makes waves, CLAY’s work is vividly relevant and also overwhelmingly personal. Born and raised in San Francisco, as well as a proud member of the LGBTQAI community, her diverse and politically potent upbringing has guided her work as a multidisciplinary artist into new powerful realms. ‘Orange’ is the epitome of her beliefs, and exemplifies her talent, more of which is soon to come.

Check out her captivating new video below now, shot predominantly by creative women, and follow CLAY on Instagram here for more.

  • words Kitty Robson

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