HUNGER PREMIERE: Empara Mi drops captivating new video for ‘Blood In The Water’

Watch the latest offering from the avant-garde pop star you need to know...

Enter the dreamscape of Empara Mi: filled with flowing sensuality and sharply rich imagery, these visuals are unlike anything music has seen in a while. ‘Blood In The Water’ is a captivating tale of the journey of a breakup, “It begins in a dreamlike state where everything feels safe,” Empara Mi explains, “but suddenly you can’t control the involuntary warnings flooding your brain. Slowly the walls begin to crack and the other person’s colours start to show.”

Empara Mi explains: “I feel like everyone acts out the end of a relationship in their heads before it happens. Maybe as a coping mechanism; to prepare ourselves for the worst and to see how we will take it. This video was meant to capture that mental snapshot, the beginning of the end and all the fighting and anxieties that come with it.”

Proving herself to be a voice we all can empathise with, and also be in awe of, Empara Mi brings together the worlds of intimacy and relatability seamlessly, and with serious style. Check out the new video below now and follow Empara Mi on Instagram here.

31 May 2019