HUNGER PREMIERE: Enter Collard’s dreamworld in ‘Merciless’

A visceral dive into the musician's emotive imagination.

HUNGER fave Collard is back again, and this time he’s bringing even more honesty and sensuality than before. Telling a poignant story of emotional torment, heartbreak, and confrontation, new track ‘Merciless’ follows the 24-year-old into his stream-of-consciousness. From the heavy guitars to the organ, the lilting notes and whiskey-smooth falsetto, Collard’s latest offering is as deeply intense as ever. Taken from his debut solo album Unholy, the accompanying visuals to the single tell a story as intimate as the entire project.

Hailing from Camden, Collard’s creations stand out in the music scene in London and all over the globe: refusing to follow the conventions of the charts, he brings an old-school charm along with an innovative talent. Recently playing his first ever solo live show to a sold-out crowd, Collard is definitely on to get on your radar, and fast.

Press play on the HUNGER premiere for ‘Merciless’ below now, and follow Collard on Instagram here.

3 September 2019