2 August 2018

Jesse Jo Stark is a 35mm ethereal daydream in ‘Dandelion’ video

Los Angeles-based rising star Jesse Jo Stark has a presence rare to find in 2018: think if Lana Del Rey and Nick Cave had a wild one night stand lovechild.

Every part a femme fatale, with a dangerously daydreamy edge, Jesse Jo blends alt-rock with soft sounds and brings us a beguiling sound. Releasing her highly anticipated debut EP, Dandelion, she’s proving herself to be a rising force to be reckoned with, she’s got the blues, the rock-and-roll and even a bit of country down. Having opened for Guns n Roses and Jane’s Addiction, as well as headlining a month-long residency at The Echo in LA, Jesse Jo Stark is making waves online too with well over a million Spotify plays and her last song, ‘FIRE OF LOVE’, charted at #2 on Hype Machine.

Jesse Jo explains to HUNGER how “a dandelion flower actually owns two faces. One, a bright light yellow, and the other, a delicate white puff, gentle to the touch.” Ethereal vibes meet intimate ideas, Stark describes how “Love to me is like a dandelion. Each time it fades away, it grows back to dance with you, time after time.”

“Calling this Side B, the lighter side of me. In some regards this was harder for me to put out because it focuses solely on me, leaving no place to hide. It was a collaborative/organic effort between myself and my dear friend, director Connor Ellmann. He shot with both digital and super 8. We wanted it to feel like a diary. And in the end we added shots that my little sister Frankie Belle had taken of me on a trip dancin in the cemetery. A true dandelion waltz.”

Jesse Jo Stark hits the road with Sunflower Bean again this November and December, for more info click here. Jesse Jo’s full-length debut will come out later this year. Follow Jesse Jo Stark on Instagram here and check out her website here. Watch the video below now…

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