HUNGER PREMIERE: Kipp Boucher tussles with religion on new track ‘Evil’

At just 23 years old, Kipp Boucher is bringing his deepest, darkest thoughts into his creative music.

Born in Brighton and now based in Hackney, the rising star’s latest offering blends his mesmerising stream-of-consciousness with sultry sounds. “What kind of god says it’s not evil”, he asks, bringing us deep into the existential crises 2019 has us facing. “God and religion is a topic that comes up a fair bit in my writing”, Kipp explains, “there’s definitely an element of fascination with the whole thing, but mostly I feel that I’m picking holes and taking little digs at it all.”



Launching his solo project back in 2017, Kipp Boucher originally planned on scaling back the instrumentation and heading back to the basics, but soon after obsessed over the likes of Scott walker and Leonard Cohen. Upon their influence and his own evolution, the daring musician fleshed out his sound into a orchestral and cinematic presence, of which ‘Evil’ feels like the culmination of, even ending with a captivating saxophone solo.

Speaking on the form of ‘Evil’, Kipp described how the songwriting process varied from his usual: “I often have a real hard time collating the sentences that fly through my head, but with this song I found that I could get my entire point across in that one reiterated line…the rest of my songs barely repeat a chorus the same, so it was super refreshing to do one like this.”

Press play on the new track, ‘Evil’, below now, and follow Kipp Boucher on Instagram here.

22 April 2019