HUNGER PREMIERE: MIO releases full visual for ‘SO WHAT DO WE DO NOW?’

Head on a visceral journey through the new EP.

MIO may be a faceless star, but the creations are anything but soulless: full of life and heart, the tracks which make up the singer’s debut EP tells a story of love and heartbreak as relatable as ever. Sweden born and raised, MIO has sought to find a platform to express the creativity within, and through the artist’s mysterious identity, we’re left with a vibrant enigma that lives through the music alone.

For ‘SO WHAT DO WE DO NOW?’, MIO expresses a story that takes you on a powerful journey, explaining: “this EP tracks my first big relationship. When it was over, I wondered if I was going to feel the exact same feelings whenever it happened again, all the way through my life. I wondered if I’d always feel the same pain. But when that pain subsided, I realised with some relief that however many times it happened, I’d never feel the pain forever. I’d always fall in love again.” For the electrifying tracks of the first EP, MIO’s videos join the tumultuous ride of Muna and Luka, as we follow them through the trials and tribulations of modern love. Creating an innovative project for the digital age, the visual EP proves MIO’s multi-discipline approach to storytelling through music and film, ending up at a point which is unlike much we’ve ever seen.

The start of an exciting career, one of intrigue and of pure talent, the EP promises what there is to come. Bringing to life a heartfelt tale, one applicable to a diverse audience, MIO’s songs are as intimate as they are universal, and in the artist’s own words “could lead anywhere”, “There are no boundaries in terms of where this could go.”

Press play on the full visual below now and follow MIO on Instagram here.

17 January 2019