HUNGER PREMIERE: Ray BLK drops playful visuals for ‘In My Bed’

Meet the South London star making waves with her vibrant sound...

Born in Nigeria and raised in Catford, Ray BLK’s creations have long been the voice of her generation. Winning the BBC’s Sound of 2017 award as an unsigned artist, the multifaceted talent used her platform to grant those who are silenced a voice. Making feminist R&B and rap anthems, her messages of empowerment are exactly what the world needs right now, and new single ‘In My Bed’ is no exception. We caught up with Ray BLK to find out all about the playful track and what’s up next in her life…

What was the inspiration behind this new track?

I wrote in my bed about being frustrated not being able to get a bad ex out of your head even when you finally get him out of your life. It’s a song to vent really, going through the emotions of a bad breakup – hurt, regret, and anger.

If you could summarise ‘In My Bed’ in 3 words what would they be?

3 words I’d use to describe the song would be: fiery, confident, and cathartic.

Where do you draw influence from in your work?

The music industry has changed soooooo much! I think the main thing for me is how ‘single’ focussed it is now. People aren’t as concerned with making amazing albums because people aren’t bothered to listen to them unless they really connect with you as a person.

How do you feel the music industry has changed over the years? What do you feel still needs to change?

I think what needs changing right now is the number of women being allowed into the industry. There isn’t enough support for female artists right now! The boys are only supporting the other boys and that’s the same for the people behind the scenes in the industry too.

Does it feel like a positive time to be creating?

It does feel like a positive time to be creating because now you can do whatever the hell you want and make it happen for yourself. You don’t have to make middle of the road music to please the mums in Yorkshire listening to the radio. You can make a song that represents you and where you’re from and it can never pop off for you. I feel like right now all us emerging artist don’t have the constraints other artists had. They were being told nobody will okay their song on radio.

What’s next for you?

Next for me is my debut album!! And an amazing tour following that. I honestly can’t wait to release my new music because I think it’s the best music I’ve made and I feel like I’m being unapologetically myself without giving a shit whether everyone will like it because It’s not for everyone.

Watch the HUNGER PREMIERE of Ray BLK’s ‘In My Bed’ below now…

9 September 2019