HUNGER PREMIERE: The Noisettes’ Shingai drops debut solo single ‘Coming Home’

The legendary front woman and bassist steps into the solo limelight for her new music video.

Booming to fame in the noughties with her group The Noisettes, Shingai has taken her time to find her solo sound, and the result is a captivating step into the present. Igniting a new chapter for the multi-faceted artist, the singer-songwriter and bassist has created an electrifying new track, ‘Coming Home’. Blending alt-pop and vibrant synths, the London-born talent brought together her vast influences to find her homecoming.

Describing how she found the infectious vibe, Shingai told us “When the Noisettes flew to Zimbabwe to perform at HiFA (Harare International Festival of Arts) it was a phenomenal moment for us as a band. It had such an inspirational effect on me as an artist and we will never forget the joyful welcome we received”. Representing her journey of Zimbabwean music, the star hopes to bring the legacy into the future. Soon to be bringing us a new EP, entitled Ancient Futures, Shingai’s work is set to make the old, new and the abstract, relatable.

Press play on the exclusive new visuals for ‘Coming Home’ below now, and follow Shingai on Instagram here.

15 March 2019