HUNGER PREMIERE: Zanillya’s new single is a female empowerment anthem

‘You’re It’ is the leading soundtrack to Nike’s latest international campaign.

Dutch rapper, singer and producer, Zanillya is spreading a message of female empowerment in the latest addition to her diverse, uncompromising sound, ‘You’re It’. Uniting Brazilian percussion and vocal samples throughout Zanillya’s ‘You’re It’, co-produced with her long-time collaborator Humphry Dennis, the single is bold in its production and lyrics.

Throughout the track Zanillya’s uses her powerful, slick voice to create a strong sense of female strength and unity, featuring the singer name-dropping a string of modern-day icons like Rihanna and Serena Williams for girls to look up too. Fittingly, ‘You’re It’ has been selected to soundtrack Nike’s latest international online campaign.

Although fairly new to the scene, Zanillya has already gained unified support from tastemakers across the UK and featured in i-D and DUMMY.

Speaking on the track, Zanillya shared: “We live in a beautiful time now, where everyone is starting to feel the freedom to embrace themselves, people are getting the space to be that, which they choose and that is encouraged rather than judged or shot down. I am happy with where we are but believe there is still a lot of work, acceptance and healing to be done. So, with this song, I hope to add to the movement and empower girls, but anyone really, to just be who they are, unapologetically!” 

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6 September 2019