16 May 2023

HUNGER ranks the best of Chloë Sevigny’s effortlessly cool style

Following her yard sale, we dig through the actress and model’s archives to pull some serious high fashion inspo from the expert herself.

The original New York ‘It’ girl, Kids actress, high fashion model, and fashion designer Chloë Sevigny has opened her wardrobe to the public. Billed ‘Sale of the Century’, fashionistas swarmed New York’s SoHo to get a chance to snatch one of her iconic items at a discounted price. There’s not much Sevigny can’t do, and it’s safe to say that the effortless cool that we all know and loved her for in the nineties has never really gone away – if anything, it got better with time. Organised by former Vogue staffer Liana Satenstein, the clean-out closet sale got us thinking about what we would have loved to see there. And with that in mind, we’re throwing it back to our favourite Sevigny looks…

First up, (which we doubt would ever be given away but a girl can dream, right?) is Sevigny’s third wedding look of her big night to her husband Siniša Mačković in 2020. As if one or two weren’t enough, she closed the show with a jumpsuit designed by Casey Cadwallader – the creative director of Mugler. Designing all three, it was this lacey look that was pure Mugler jumpsuit goodness with panelling and sheer flared legs, as well as the addition of a high neck sleeve fixture on top. She finished the look off with a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s, a bag by Self-Portrait, and jewellery by Kentshire Jewels.

Throwing it back on her Insta, Sevigny told the story of when she bought her first pair of Tabis. Any self-respecting fashion girlie knows that this may be the biggest moment in your life so far when you slip on the Maison Margiela designs, and Sevigny is no different. In 1995, she split the cost of the ankle leather heeled boots with her parents for her eighteenth birthday. Alas, a fashion queen was born.

Bloomers are in! Yes, and Sevigny did them first. In uber cool style, she threw back to ‘#thisweeklastyear’ with the fashion-forward look. A pair of tiny white bloomers, a V-neck cropped top with puff sleeves, and leg warmers/ gloves with blue slip-ons. This was a prediction of the future at its finest with everyone now copping a pair of the shorts, and even Cara Delevingne tried her hand at the leg glove situation this Met 2023.

Featured in the book ‘Walt Cassidy: New York Club Kids’, Sevigny posted an image of her in a sparkling ruby red dress – obsessed. The book aimed to be the embodiment of Gen X and the so-called ‘last subculture’. This visual diary of NYC in the 90s shaped Sevigny into who she is, and through experimentative looks, she found her style. Here she sports a bob (or bowl cut), super heavy cherry red eyeshadow with a matching lip stain, and then *that* dress. A mega feather collar, sequined halterneck red body, and flash of equally as sparkly knickers. What more could you want?

Beauty is pain! And Sevigny knows that all too well. This look makes us wince in the best way possible as the model hid her modesty with a full lobster. The claws were placed directly on her stomach and the body wrapped around her like a pair of crustacean underwear. She finished the look off with a super understated blazer and Proenza Schouler strappy sandals. Brb just heading to the fish market to get this look ourselves.

Sevigny stepped out of the nunnery for this fit, or more likely, got kicked out. She posed beside two mannequins for a recreation of a Marfa Journal image, sat legs open on the floor with her own white headdress and coif. Her dress held a keyhole cutout with buttons running down, and in true Sevigny style, she kept her underwear on show. The white lace is complete with a heavy metal chain edge and an oversized golden lock on the side. You can work out that metaphor yourself.

The perfect look to summarise the late Vivienne Westwood, Sevigny wore a cropped flared tartan shirt with a low-cut neck and matching shorts. In purples, blues, and greens, she paired the likes with white fishnets, but here is where she truly comes into Westwood territory. The tights are stuffed with various bulging items and colourful paper strips in this DIY punk feat. She lay back on her chair and let the fit do the talking.

The badge of honour title ‘It’ girl takes a while to accomplish, and Sevigny has been around the fashion block to get it. Pictured here at New York Fashion Week with a young Kate Moss (casual), she poses backstage at the Miu Miu show in a teeny weeny cropped nude top with spaghetti straps and mesh brown skirt with a ruffled side. Luckily, she actually still does have this outfit she reveals in her caption. Next sale, maybe?

  • Writer Ella Chadwick
  • Banner Image Credit Instagram @chloessevigny

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