Hunger Wants

HUNGER WANTS: 33Jewellery

Reworked antique jewellery reflecting the beauty of the natural world through gems, rhinestones and 14-karat gold.

Tired of ephemeral fashion fads? If you’re looking for something with a spot of longevity, head to 33Jewellery; the bespoke brand specialising in restoring period pieces. With items dating from the Middle Ages up to the 1940s, it’s a veritable treasure trove for anyone looking to carry antique glamour with them into the present day.

Inspired by founder Chantal Brown’s life-long passion for vintage jewellery, each item is lovingly crafted in her North London home. The catalogue boasts Art Deco statement necklaces, Baroque freshwater pearl earrings and, our personal favourite, the Scarabée necklace. Dating back to 1943, the rare gold vermeil scarab beetle necklace features a 14-karat gold chain and is illuminated by sapphire, ruby and emerald cabochon stones, as well as rhinestones all around. With the scarab standing as a symbol for death and the afterlife, the gold and gem elements of the piece are engaged in an intricate play of light and shade — gesturing towards the changes and transitions within the cycle of life.

Insects have been popular jewellery motifs throughout time and, within the British context, were popularised at different points: notably during the Romantic period as thinkers fell in love with the wonders of nature and during the Art Nouveau period, when butterfly and dragonfly imagery became a favourite for many women. To honour this history of insect embellishment, the 33Jewellery catalogue also features pieces like the Reine des Abeilles (“Queen Bee”) necklace emblazoned with rhinestones, as well as the Mr Grand bug pendant with lucite body and sapphire eyes. 

Check out the Scarabée necklace in high def below. Click here for more information and to purchase.

30 October 2019