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HUNGER WANTS: Buffalo x 032c

A collaboration inspired by the industrial techno ravers of the 90s.

A combination of Buffalo’s iconic platform sneaker soles, internationally popularised by youth and club subcultures in the 1990s and 2000s, with 032c’s archetypal elements of classic luxury footwear. The collection is “streetwear on steroids meets old-world craftsmanship”.

The collection features two styles of boots, an Over-the-Knee Boot and Jodhpur Ankle Boot. The Over-the-Knee Boot hits at the upper thigh, reinterpreting fetish- and club-wear in the quality materials of European heritage labels.

While the riding-inspired Jodhpur Ankle Boot includes high-quality leather uppers, fastened with a traditional strap and buckle and updated with Buffalo height, 032c-red detailing, and a bespoke square clasp.

These boots are more than shoes, they are a statement to youth culture, a continuation of the merger between creative industries and a clear sign of just how much attitudes have changed to alternative nightlife, ten years ago luxury buffalo boots would have been the same as saying when pigs fly.

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13 September 2019