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Hunger Wants: Danse Lente x Noah Lyon

The new bag du jour.

Tassels! Colour! PVC! Logos! The statement bag is set to make it’s bi-annual appearance, as we gear up for another Fashion Month. Whilst the ‘It’ bag has always been less an attempt at real practicality and more an artful accessory to add some punch to your outfit for the paps. The bag du jour this season? We’re all over Danse Lente’s sculptural top handle styles.

The cult London-based label has recently launched its first online customisation service, through a collaboration with multi-disciplinary artist Noah Lyon. A series of hand drawn personified plants, animals and foods have been created in Noah’s intuitively playful style, available in seven designs which are available exclusively on the brands official website.

Meet the fashion crowd’s favourite new arm candy…


Prices from £390, available via

5 February 2019

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