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HUNGER WANTS: LO Studio’s art-house candles

Sustainable, sensorial and with a unique story to boot.

LO STUDIO came into being when two strangers met. Architect and Interior Designer Tracy Longworth and ABOUD+ABOUD Creative Director Alan Aboud became a partnership who devoted themselves to “bringing memories to life through scent”. Alan’s story started after graduation from Central St Martin’s where he founded his agency and landed his first client, one Mr. Paul Smith. Tracy was in a whole other world of design, undertaking London architectural projects for the likes of L’Oreal and J.P. Morgan, to name a few.


These two diversely creative minds met in the middle with candles, but with two diverse stories to tell. For Alan, his belief was simple, they symbolised his aesthetic work in a fully manifested entity: luxury in a living world. Tracy though, found life in candles after death; losing her father led her to seek comfort in making memories tangible, and here LO STUDIO was born.

Creating a product with so many stories to tell wasn’t easy, but their aesthetic vision and vibrant talents led way to a unique craft. With their 3D brand mark and smokey bespoke monogrammed grey glass, it’s already a looker, but the story behind each candle takes their appeal to another level. “The open circle represent a gateway to a happy place and time,” the two explain, “Each candle has an individual story evoking a specific time and place and with it, an accompanying illustration.” Artwork handcrafted by collagist Mark Lazenby, the pieces are “painstakingly researched, the component parts are sourced, hand cut and assembled until each image becomes a unique assembly of previously discarded paper and vintage ephemera.”

The candles themselves are just as thoughtful, using mostly organic and recycled materials, they are fully Vegan, as well as avoiding everything else that ruins this world (palm oil, bleach, chemicals, and single-use plastic to name a few). But, they promise they will strive to do even better.

Take a look in the gallery below at a few of the illustrations and candles. Click here for more information and to purchase.

15 October 2019