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HUNGER WANTS: Lulu Guinness’ limited edition ‘Ladies of Lulu’ collection

Meet Freida, Miranda and Blanche.

Lulu Guinness’ latest capsule collection is the most playful and fabulous yet. Featuring three iconic ladies – the Ladies of Lulu in fact – and their signature looks, Freida, Miranda and Blanche are sure to be the arm candy of the summer.

Carefully hand-crafted with their heart-shaped pouts and handmade accessories, each basket weave piece is given their own sense of personality and style. From woven fruit hats as seen on Miranda to the floral headpiece modelled by Freida, the classic women that have inspired these designs are conveyed in these intricate details. “The ‘Ladies of Lulu’ capsule is a team of women with the Lulu Guinness attitude, an air of playfulness and always ready to make a statement.”

Take a look through the gallery below at the three covetable bags, and grab one yourself for £245 at Lulu Guinness here.

14 June 2019