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HUNGER WANTS: Prada’s Panier bag

Sleek design meets expert craftsmanship...

The Panier bag brings together everything Prada represents: elegant design, sharp creativity, meticulous attention to detail and cutting edge research. From the iconic Saffiano leather exterior to the contrasting soft leather sides, the bag becomes a sleek single entity. Hand applied buttons, a name tag and the ever-recognisable Prada logo turn it into one of the most covetable and want-able items around. To boot, you can get it in pretty much all the colours of the rainbow: colour pairings of black and fiery red; bright yellow and black; and black and white. As Prada explain, on top of the diverse colour options, “Prada Panier’s customisation options can be used to create original designs – metal letters and symbols can be applied to the front or the name tag, guaranteeing an exclusive look.”

Take a look through the gallery below at Prada’s Panier bag, and check it out online here.

7 May 2019