1 July 2022

    HUNGER’s MVP of the week

    Welcome to HUNGER’s Most Valuable Player, the place to find the best things to buy, watch, do or listen to each week. Forget about the hype, we want to separate what’s hot, what’s not, and what needs to be on your radar…

    Firstly, we’ve got unisex Japanese streetwear brand, Supplier. The brand launched in Japan and is now setting its sights on Europe, hoping to bring its unique take to streetwear abroad. The incredibly clean SS22 collection is one to keep an eye on as we progress through the summer months. 

    Avirex is a brand that has always had a chokehold on popular culture — one moment you think it’s falling off and the next you see TikTok stars rocking iconic oversized biker jackets. Thankfully, Avirex will be relaunching in the UK and in Europe, including a pop-up shop at London’s Boxpark. The brand’s S22 collection was revealed today, featuring a range of sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts alongside their leather jackets, which embody the brand’s celebrated heritage.

    As always there can be only one thing that takes the prestigious MVP crown and this week it’s Ciaran Thapar’s latest book Cut Short: Why We’re Failing Our Youth – And How To fix It. It is a gripping, urgent, sympathetic and often painful portrait of a society fracturing along lines of race, class and postcodes. Read if you’re in need of a blueprint for positive change.