14 October 2022

HUNGER’s MVP of the week

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Taking the floor first for this week’s MVP is Bang & Olufsen who have announced a new collaboration with visionary urban artist Fin DAC, who has reimagined the brand’s iconic Beoplay A9 speaker as a work of art. Applying his urban aesthetics to the speaker, Fin DAC has adorned the device with a powerful masked woman rendered in his signature spray paint and glitch style. Only 30 limited-edition speakers will be available to buy, embellished with a decal of Fin DAC’s signature and accompanied by a signed and numbered limited-edition print of the speaker artwork. Fin DAC’s creation can be seen for the first time by the public in the West Contemporary art gallery at the StART Art Fair at London’s Saatchi Gallery between 12th -16th October.

Next up we’ve got TOMS, who in celebration of World Mental Health Day earlier this week, created TOMS 10×10, where they’ll be giving $10,000 grants to 10 different mental health-focused organisations around the world. The brand states its goal is to help fund access to resources for people to take the “first step” into bettering their mental health. In addition, whenever you make a purchase at TOMS, you help fund access to mental health resources for millions of people by giving ⅓ of its profits to grassroots goods. Some of the organisations that will be receiving the 10×10 grant include the UK’s Maya Centre and Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective in the US.

This week’s MVP goes to multidisciplinary artist Lauren Baker, who will be amongst 3 other UK-based artists to show their new artworks at the Saatchi Art Fair. Baker will display pieces focusing on themes of nature and the earth, using unique threads to hand-sew sound waves onto canvas, in an effort to immortalise their energy. The British artist often explores human connection, metaphysics and the expansiveness of the universe, using her signature neon works to portray the power of energy. You can catch a glimpse of Baker’s captivating creations until October 16th at the StART Art Fair alongside Fin DAC.

  • Writer Chris Saunders

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