13 April 2022

HUNGER’S MVP of the week

Welcome to HUNGER’s Most Valuable Player, the place to find the best things to buy, watch, do or listen to each week. Forget about the hype, we want to separate what’s hot, what’s not, and what needs to be on your radar…

Any Joy Division fan would want this week’s MVP to be the Manchester United collab with Adidas and Peter Saville. Releasing on the 18th April… there’s always next week. 

Using the cover artwork from the band’s album Unknown Pleasures, Saville, who rose to prominence via Tony Wilson’s Factory Records in the 80s/90s, has crafted all black United tracksuits with the soundwave print down the sleeve and leg, as well as football tops and scarves with the signature design that’s synonymous with Manchester. 

This will come as a disappointment to any 24-hour party people, but the collection doesn’t nab this week’s top spot. Neither do the perfectly summery suit releases from A Kind of Guise — ideal for breezy evenings on a veranda with a negroni and a cigar. And nor does Vibram’s collaboration with summer figurehead Havaianas, creating a sandal that fits somewhere between relaxing on a beach and off-road driving. 

This week’s MVP is, in fact, the latest release from Billie Eilish. But it doesn’t come in the form of melancholic music, it’s her newest collaboration with the staple favourite: the Air Force 1. 

The main reasoning is, they just look good. That’s it. When most of us think of collaborations of any form with celebrities, memories of naff, miasmic perfumes come to mind. But this is a far throw from Boots’ bottom shelves. 

The Air Force 1 Hi boasts five velcro strips that curve up the sneaker over the top of the laces in a colourway called ‘Mushroom’. The shoe was made with existential crises in mind, using disregarded excess Nike materials to build components of the product. It’s futuristic, yet doesn’t ruin the adored classic shape of Air Forces. Keep your eyes peeled to beat Eilish’s millions of fans to the drop…  

Find out more about the collection here.


This week’s MVP is compiled by Ry Gavin, Associate Editor, HUNGER magazine

  • Writer Ry Gavin

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