10 March 2023

HUNGER’s MVP of the week

Welcome to HUNGER’s Most Valuable Player, the place to find the best things to buy, watch, do or listen to each week. Forget about the hype, we want to separate what’s hot, what’s not, and what needs to be on your radar…

We start off this week’s MVP with some headwear that is certainly more than needed in these torrid conditions – Ruslan Baginskiy’s ‘Hair Hats.’ If you hadn’t guessed, the hats feature extra long faux fur, which moves like hair and can be styled and sprayed to set in place in whatever style you fancy. The Ukraine-based brand found inspiration for the pieces in Oppenheim’s 1936 Object – a surrealist sculpture of a fur-covered cup, saucer, and spoon. With this unique piece, one thing is for sure, you’ll never have a bad hair day – and they’ll soon be available in Ruslan Baginskiy’s Pre-Fall 23 collection.

Next up, we have your weekend rotation on lock. This week’s edition of HUNGER’s bops only features the likes of Róisín Murphy, SBTRKT, and Nia Archives. So whether you’re going hard this weekend or need something to get you through your Saturday morning workout, we have you covered. Check out bops only on HUNGER Magazine’s Spotify account every Friday.


Finally, this week’s MVP is awarded to Iggy London’s barrier-breaking debut novel MANDEM. Featuring a plethora of voices from the finest contemporary Black writers and thinkers, MANDEM explores topics around masculinity and how our past experiences inherently shape our outlook and futures. With essays from the likes of Jordan Stephens to Caleb Femi, no stone is left unturned as each author taps into their most vulnerable self. MANDEM is now available to purchase here.

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