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HUNGER’s Top Five Longreads

We round up our hot-take greatest hits for your reading pleasure.

Here at HUNGER we’re an opinionated bunch. Whether we’re tracing the origins of the latest fashion trend, unpacking the viral memes sweeping the Internet or giving our two cents about whatever celeb has cancelled themselves on social media, we’ve got something to say. Given that 2019 was the year when #content officially swallowed up everything in sight, you can bet we’ve got a hot take or two from the past twelve months— scroll below for your reading pleasure.

This Is Why Porn Film Festivals Are So Important

When it comes to film festivals, everybody’s heard of Cannes and Sundance — but what about Berlin Porn Film Festival? There’s a thriving international circuit of festivals uplifting members of the sex worker community and promoting indie and alternative perspectives in what’s fast becoming the most influential media format. We speak to porn directors and performers to discover more. 

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Drag Is So Much More Than High Glamour Queens

To celebrate the release of the (admittedly still fabulous) UK Drag Race, we penned an homage to the kings and avant-garde performers who are being left behind by the mainstream-ification of drag. The queer performance scene in the UK is unparalleled due to its authentic diversity — but it might take a while for the cis, straight populace to catch on to what this means.

Get the lowdown here.

Nollywood Is Influencing Fashion in a Major Way

We explore the influence of the Nigerian film industry on a host of fashion’s most exciting creatives; from Mowalola to Ruth Ossai. In the aftermaths of Met Gala 2019, which saw some painful under-performances we won’t be getting over soon, we also hone in on the ways that Nigerian contemporary culture has contributed to contemporary definitions of “camp”. 

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TikTok Made Me Famous

What have Ashnikko, Saweetie and Lil Nas X got in common? Maybe not all too much stylistically, but in terms of how they got their big break there’s one unifying factor: TikTok. Gen Z’s favourite video sharing app allows DIY, unsigned artists to get their music out there without the industry white noise — and we break down how.

Start taking notes for your fledgling music career here.

“Mental Health Is Not Fashion”: What Gucci Got Wrong At MFW SS20

After mode Ayesha Tan-Jones staged a runway protest at the use of straitjackets in Gucci’s SS20 show, we explored the wider ramifications of this sensationalistic depiction of mental health struggle. Rather than contributing to the stigma surrounding mental illness, it’s time brands like Gucci put ethics before aesthetics.

You can read the full take-down here.

24 December 2019