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HUNGER’s Weekend Guide: the Girls for Girls edition

Here’s the best of the week’s events spotlighting women in music and art.

For this edition of our weekend guide, HUNGER have decided to dedicate our listings to an all-female majority line-up of musicians and artists.

Throughout creative industries there is a constant struggle for women to gain equal recognition and respect to their male peers, but times are a-changing. All-female art and music collectives are fighting for this acknowledgement and are finally being heard; festivals are pledging for 50/50 gender line-ups by 2022; and galleries have started to stage major exhibitions featuring female artists. In fact, The National Gallery will stage its first solo exhibition on a female artist in… 2020, *sigh*, at least a step in the right direction even if a very slow one.

So, to give a helping hand in spotlighting events that might usually get missed on the mainstream radar, HUNGER will continue to dedicate as many listings as possible throughout our guides to female-lead events. Big up the creative galdem!


SIREN at Southbank Centre

Taking over the riverside terrace at the Southbank Centre, South-East London collective SIREN will be delivering a banging night and striking a blow for women as well as non-binary artists on the techno scene.

SIREN was formed with the purpose of creating a space for those under-represented in dance music and has since flourished from its humble start within the South London underground scene. From producing zines, parties and NTS radio shows to performing across Europe, SIREN have pioneered a platform for women and non-binary people to not only express themselves through music, but also create a space where alternative trends within the electronic genre can blossom.

Performing are OK Williams, Rachael and Moonbow, expect an eclectic array of the best electro, disco and Detroit techno.

Find out more on the event here.

Price FREE, 19:00 – 01:00

Olga Jevric Spatial Compositions – LAST CHANCE

Serbian sculptress, Olga Jervic’s work has a special place in post-war European sculpture collections. She is an inspirational artist whose oeuvre unites expressive, rebellious existentialist attitudes with creative tendencies.

Jervic was born in Belgrade in 1922, and developed her unique visual language during the ideological constraints of Socialist Realism when there was little space for personal expression.

Her early work was linked to medieval tombstones scattered around Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. Jervic’s sculptures were, as she explains, informed by “war, uncertainty, the slaughter of innocent people, social upheavals and disorder of all social norms”.

Closing on August 2, this is your last chance to view a selection of her key early works.

Find out more here.

Price FREE, n/a


Q&A: Paigey Cakey

Official bad gal rapper Paigey Cakey is coming to Tate Britain to chat about her music and creativity. Joined by Joelah Noble from GRM Daily, Paigey will chat about her inspirations, creativity and the influences acting has on her.

Paigey is an advocate for self-love, opening up about her struggles with alopecia in 2018 and often discussing the difficulties and positives for her to be honest about her coming out in the music industry.

The event is FREE, but limited to Tate Collective so sorry to those of you aged above 25! Tate Collective is free to sign up for and gives those of you aged 16-25 access to £5 exhibition tickets and events like this one, definitely worth signing up for especially if you’re culturally hungry on a budget.

If you want to sign up here’s the link.

Price FREE, 17:15 – 18:00

Shook with Ikonika, DJ Swisha, FAUZIA, India Jordan & i-SHA

Bass kween, FAUZIA has brought together an all-star lineup for her SHOOK night at the Yard in Hackney. Featuring Hyperdub’s Ikonika, DJ SWISHA, FAUZIA herself, India Jordan and i-SHA, the evening is a meeting of established and younger talent.

Bar DJ SWISHA this is a diverse, all-female line up, come down to Hackney to celebrate the gals killing it in the underground bass music scene and to also have a great time.

Buy tickets here.

Price £7, 23:00 – 04:00


“In Broido’s hands an entire lifetime is captured in an instant”, Anya Broido’s exhibition is an introduction to the stunning portraiture of new exciting photography talent.

Photography is as an industry where many female photographers struggle to find their place, as Veronika Faustmann, one of the founders behind, explain in our article spotlighting her collective: “We shared a sense that female photographers are underrepresented or often not taken seriously.”

This is why Anya Broido’s people is such an important event, not only appreciating how her portraiture photography gives dignity to all the people that inhabit the photos in her extraordinary world, but also in supporting women in photography.

Find out more here.

Price FREE, February 22 to September 30


We Still Believe Shoreditch Street Party

One of London’s biggest street parties is returning, The Black Madonna is back and bringing with her for the second instalment; Or:la, Call Super, Roi Perez and Ryan Elliot.

In Marea’s her own words: “For one day, if you believe, THE STREETS ARE OURS!

In my life, I will never lose the image of Lucy Fizz crowd surfing over a sea of ravers completely losing their minds on a perfect summer day in London to thumping house music. It was perfection. I’ve never experienced anything like it. So I just knew we had to do it all one more time!”

Championing women and LGBT people in the club, The Black Madonna is one of the most sought-after female electronic DJs and actvisits, wanting to turn dance music upside down – she’s often spoken out about her experiences of struggling to make it in the predominately male led industry and genre, and is paving the way for a new generation of female DJs to make it.

Buy tickets for the event here.

Price £30, 13:00 – 22:00

The South East Showdown

Taking place in the sunniest and best beer garden in London, South East Showdown is returning to Fox & Firkin to throw a great garden party.

The garden turned festival playground, is hosting another stella line up of South East London music selectors such as Andy Blake, Tom Unlikley, Twinkat Soul and Velmi Fads.

Expect summer vibez and a summer BBQ.

Check out the Facebook page for more info.

Price £1, 15:00 – 03:00 (p.s you didn’t read that wrong, early bird tickets really are one pound!)

Distress it (opening night)

An acumination of works by five recent graduates from MA Fine Art, Freya Tewelde, Irene Pouliassi, Lora Nikolaeva, Weichung Lu and Ani Mrktchyan.

The works by these women offer their personal insight on how they navigate the complex socio-political landscape of the world we all live in.

Find out more info on the night here.

Price FREE, 18:00 – 22:00


Manga マンガ

Actually a very exciting and immersive exhibition exploring manga’s global appeal and cultural crossover, from anime to niche ‘cosplay’ events. The exhibition showcases original Japanese manga from the past fifty years.

HUNGER wouldn’t usually recommend listening to cultural advice from Jonathan Ross, but even he said the exhibition was genuinely mind-blowing, life-changing and stunning”.

Find out more information here. 

Price £19.50, May 23 – August 26

Patchwork with Sassy J & K15

End your weekend on a high, another great event at Giant Steps see’s Sassy J bless the crowd with her laid-back selection of jazz, world music and disco.

Purchase tickets for the event here.

Price £8, 15:00 – 22:30

1 August 2019