22 September 2022

Hurricane Fiona: Resources to help Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic as death toll rises to 8

Donate to the likes of the UN World Food Programme and Direct Relief who are providing assistance on the ground.

Over a million people in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic have been waking up without electricity or running water as crews work to repair critical utilities destroyed by Hurricane Fiona. Forecasters say the category three storm, with speeds of 115mph, could worsen to a category four – the second-highest designation.

At least four people have died in Puerto Rico, where rain has been lashing down and 80% of the island remains without power. Two deaths have also been reported in the Dominican Republic.

An 18-year-old girl passed away after being struck by an electric pole felled by strong winds, while a man in the northeastern town of Nagua was killed by a falling tree.

Three eastern provinces of the Dominican Republic have been declared disaster zones by President Luis Abinader, amid warnings from the NHC of “heavy rainfall and life-threatening flash flooding.”

Here is a list of resources to help the citizens of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

PRxPR Relief and Rebuild Fund are asking for donations and providing basic, economic, agricultural and energy needs to provide immediate and long-lasting relief to communities.

Foundation for Puerto Rico have been providing relief in the wake of Hurricane Fiona through donations and volunteers. You can help support them here

Taller Salud is a feminist grassroots nonprofit focused on women’s health and safety. Following Hurricane Fiona, they are turning their efforts to relief efforts. They are accepting donations here.

United Nations World Food Programme: international disaster relief is seeking donations for relief assessment emergency equipment to support recovery efforts.

Direct Relief is providing desperately needed medical supplies to health care providers in Puerto Rico; you can donate to help them here.

Mercy Chefs provide hot meals to disaster victims around the world and are currently deploying their team members to assist in Puerto Rico. You can donate here via their website.

Le Fondita de Jesús are helping homeless people in Puerto Rico with food, hygiene services and job placement and they’re calling for more donations to support those struggling after the wake of Hurricane Fiona.

  • Writer Chris Saunders

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