8 November 2022

Impractically iconic: HUNGER defends Diesel’s belt-length mini skirt

The internet has lost it –  this time over the Diesel mini skirt. But are we really angry about the iconic skirt by Glenn Martens, or are we jumping on the hate bandwagon yet again?

Following a review from style influencer Adrienne Reau, social media platforms have been whipped into a frenzy over the brand’s new belt-style mini. 4.8 million fashion fans saw Reau tell her honest opinion on the wrap skirt in one of her TikTok videos. 

The Diesel skirt, a teeny leather number that comes in black, cherry red and chocolate, is currently priced at £1490. For the money, the influencer stated it was “sloppy” packaging and “so impractical.” “I had to go home after about 20 minutes and get changed. My cheeks were just out and about,” she added. 

Comments flooded with angry fashion trolls who were outraged along with her at the “WWE belt” design, saying, “Is this a joke?? I don’t understand… Is this an actual product?” Despite starting the video by saying, “Is Diesel going to hate me if I post this?” the tell-all TikTok was also met with users asking her what she expected and if she had seen the product before dropping over 1k on it. 

However, the raunchiness was not hidden in any way and was its charm for many. The skirt was first seen at Diesel’s FW 2022 show, where creative director Glenn Martens said the collection was to “push sustainability” and that “you need to put it on in two seconds and live your life.” The show detailed other mini skirts, one of which was in stonewashed denim with belt loop-holes from top to bottom. But for its sister, with buffed leather embossed material and a velcro fastening, the reaction was quite different. So why was it so divisive?

Well, It was too mini and too easy to put on, apparently. Even though Martens was met with buckets of praise for his innovative take on modern Y2k, the internet has grabbed one piece and ripped the whole concept apart. But, it couldn’t have been more clearly explained: It’s an ode to simple yet stylish living. It takes the micro mini skirt craze that first took off thanks to Miu Miu’s belted cutoff and went one step further. As Paris Hilton once said, “skirts should be the size of a belt… life’s short, take risks.” Size of a belt or quite literally a belt, who are we to question Glenn Martens’ genius?

Whatever your opinions on this divisive piece, there’s no denying that celebrities far and wide are big fans. Nicole Kidman garnered digital applause for her Perfect Magazine cover, where she more than proved that even with age, the mini skirt is a staple. Charli XCX danced in her Hot In It music video donning the cherry red version of the skirt. Finally, the internet’s favourite icon Julia Fox posed in it for The Face, and more than won over sceptics with her shoot.

The internet lost its rag over a skirt the size of a rag, yet the style influencer who started it all has, after all of this, decided to keep the item. After the whole ‘Diesel Skirt Scandal’, Adrienne Reau posted a photo of her wearing it out and captioned it as a “dramatic, sassy, unpractical and iconic” skirt. 

While social media battles with itself over practicality vs notoriety, Martens continues to go to eyebrow-raising lengths when causing a stir in fashion, and we can only salute him.  

  • Writer Ella Chadwick Banner Image Credit

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