Inside Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s exhibition exploring the concept of perfection

A retrospective spanning 15 years of artistic production.

Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s decades of work will be celebrated this Autumn at 29 Arts in Progress Galery in Milan, spanning from his early noughties Indepensense to Eyedentikit. Over fifteen years, Mastromatteo’s work has explored and investigated the body and its structure, especially the changing nature of identity. Focused on the concept of perfection, the artist has looked at it in relation to the “unstable and ephemeral nature of man”.

In his latest series, Eyedentikit, Mastromatteo delved deep into the ideas of reconstructing the human body and our perceptions of it. As curator Giovanni Pelloso explained, “in the research of Giuseppe Mastromatteo the individual and his right to an individual identity remain clear however what differentiates the work is the decision not to isolate particular features or typical ethnic characteristics but rather to take a broader view focussing our attention on less immediately visible qualities, emphasizing them and rendering them manifest”

The fifteen years of captivating work will be celebrated also in an exclusive monograph published at the same time as the exhibition, edited by SIlvana Editriale and curated by Benedetta Donato. Telling the artistic and creative story of the photographer, HUMANSCAPE features contributions and testimonials from the likes of Rankin and Oliviero Toscani. Celebrating his powerful photography, the exhibition and book look back at some of the most vital evolutions in contemporary art.

Take a look into HUMANSCAPE in the gallery below now, and head to 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS Gallery on Via San Vittore 13, Milan from October 4th – November 18th 2018. For more information click here.

9 October 2018