Inside Moiré’s Distorted Electronic Universe

The London-based producer talks us through his latest self-directed video for track "DEKADE" featuring singer and artist Demigosh.

Releasing on the likes of Ghostly International and Werkdiscs, the Ninja Tune-distributed label headed up by revered producer Actress, London-based Moiré has collaborated with some of electronic music’s most respected labels. His body of work spans four albums, released between 2014 and 2017, which have helped cement his reputation for layered, introspective and experimental production drawing on techno and IDM. 

Normally elusive, Moiré sat down with HUNGER to discuss his new video for single “DEKADE”, off of album Goodtimes and featuring artist, performer and singer Demigosh. Scroll below to read the full conversation, where he discusses his music-saturated upbringing and the unique creative circumstances that led to his latest LP’s completion. 

Good to be in touch Moiré. To start, could you tell us about your musical beginnings?

My passion for music started very early but it took me many years to fully realise that.  I think it all started at home. My parents loved music and there was always something on the turntable, cassette, DAT or CD as I was growing up. Then the 90s happened and I got into hip-hop, breaks and house, from there I started crate digging, sampling and making my first mixtapes.


Who inspires you?

People who are not afraid to break conventions to do their thing. Miles Davis’ album Bitches Brew has inspired me heavily, that record just feels like a single beautiful shot. Even though he was super popular, he wasn’t afraid to dwell in the darkness.  Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma is probably also one of my all-time inspiring pieces, it’s just timeless and an incredible journey from start to end. Then on the visual side, directors like Jean Luc Godard, Werner Herzog, and Alejandro Jodorowsky always had an edge, flow and depth that I love about them.


What do you want to express or communicate with your work?

Freedom and time. My art is a consequence of experiencing unique moments, fragments of time and things that only happen once.

What’s one thing people will be surprised to know about you?

I don’t believe in music genres, it’s all music for me.


If you could collaborate with any person living or dead, who would it be?

Dali, Prince or Gaspar Noé.


Talk us through this song: what was the process behind it?

“DEKADE” is a song from my latest album Goodtimes featuring singer, artist and performer Demigosh. The original sketches and improvisations happened before we got into the life “pause” [of lockdown]. Like many, I found myself confined to my bedroom and ultra-minimal studio setup. Despite this surreal situation I decided to continue and use this time to make an LP and that’s how “DEKADE” came to life.


And what about the video?

The video portrays the abstract reality we are experiencing and the daily struggle to find energy, drive and vision to continue.


Check out the video via the player below. 

24 June 2021

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