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Inside the exhibition exploring our sense of perception

London based Georgie Sladen is the genre defying artist you need to know.

A graphic designer and artist with a difference, Georgie Sladen is less interested in continuity, and more focused on depth. Creating work in many mediums, the creative is as adept at watercolour intricacies as she is high impact installations: varying aesthetics and diverse forms are brought together with a powerful visual style. Opening today, 25th October, is her debut solo exhibition at Natural Law, a rising concept store in London. A comprehensive look at Sladen’s unique work, it will also feature five new t shirt designs alongside the mesmerising collection of art and design.

Georgie Sladen caught up with HUNGER to explain her obsession with changing how we perceive art: “I love to look at different ways to create depth perception within a 2-D format”, she explained “this fascination comes from my lazy eye which means I only see in 2-D anyway”. Going on, Sladen described that her perceptive change means that a lot of the work “looks at contours, shapes and layers. I have a fascination with forms, shapes and patterns as they can be seen everywhere and run through everything.”

Follow Georgie Sladen on Instagram here and click through the gallery below for a sneak peak into the exhibition now…

25 October 2018