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INSTAGLAM: best beauty looks Cupid’s Vault edition

Out of this world make-up.

From flowers to Swarovski and latex ears, nothing seems to be off-limits for the make-up artist behind the Cupid’s Vault Instagram account. He developed his passion at 16 when he started experimenting with his sister’s make-up in secret. “Before I went outside, I would thoroughly wipe off my face. I didn’t want anybody to know what I had been doing in there,” he explained in a recent interview.

Until a year ago, Cupid’s account was set to private. “I wanted my account to be an intimate place: hence the name Cupid’s Vault. But the more I developed my art, the more courageous I felt about showing my creations to the outside world,” he told i-D. Now, with more than 80K followers, Cupid’s looks have quickly become an inspiration for many. We have selected a few of our favourites (definitely harder than you think).

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23 August 2019