INSTAGLAM: Breaking the boundaries of beauty with @officialglitterpig

We meet Frazer, AKA @officialglitterpig, one of the make up artists mixing things up on Instagram.

Floral sculptures, sprigs and stems don’t exactly conjure up an immediate thought of make up looks, but @officialglitterpig definitely makes it work. Whether embellishing sharp eyeliner wings with delicate petals, or contouring lips with strands of lavender, this INSTAGLAM star thinks and creates outside the box. Using natural elements blended with eccentric beauty trends, @officialglitterpig finds fresh new ways to think about beauty and captures them with precise close-ups in UHD style. We caught up with the must-follow MUA to find out how they created their platform and developed their unique aesthetic…


How would you describe your make up aesthetic in 3 words?

Raw, outrages & unique!


Who is your greatest ever influence?

My greatest influence is Jan Davidsz. de Heem, a Belgium artist from the 1600s

Your work blends the worlds of art and beauty seamlessly, how do you achieve this?

Being so inspired by flowers and art from the 1600s mixed with my love for editorial fashion is truly the perfect blend and has helped me achieve my art!


Your focus is on close-ups and details, what draws you to these?

I love my macro lens and capturing the details of flower petals and beautifully blended eyeshadow. There’s something about the texture of close-ups that makes my artistic heartbeat!

Do you think social media is a positive thing for your industry?

I truly think social media is a marvellous creation for artists all around the world as it gives us a platform no matter where we’ve come from. It also allows artists to get their work out into the world and be a part of a community!

With an ever-growing community of innovative beauty accounts on Instagram, how do you ensure that your INSTAGLAM stands out from the crowd?

I always try to keep my work my own and always try to delve into my own imagination instead of the imagination of others. I think being unique and unusually yourself is very important, identity is everything!

What’s next for you?

Well, I’d love to collab with artists from all around the globe and create campaigns together using flowers and bringing joy to the world through beautiful pictures!


22 November 2019