INSTAGLAM: Enter Wendy’s Rainbow World

We slid into the DMs of @wendysworldxox, the London-based MUA drawing upon her Ghanaian heritage and background in fine art.

Nothing stops you mid scroll quite like one of Wendy Asumadu’s creations. Bucking beauty conventions, the London makeup artist uses her own face to model bold, experimental looks that break up the monotony of endless “Instagram face” selfies on the ‘Gram. She blurs the boundaries between makeup and fine art with dramatic strokes reminiscent of abstract expressionism alongside vibrant colours and patterns inspired by Ghanaian Kente cloth designs.

Already impressed by this painterly approach, we slid into Wendy’s DMs to hear more about her inspirations and the wildest look she’s ever created. 


Describe your beauty in three words…

Artistic, Bold and Innovative


Who or what has influenced you the most? 

The root of my inspiration has always stemmed from my cultural heritage in Ghana and art. The Kente patterns and fabrics are bold, unique and colourful which has naturally become part of my work growing up. This fed into my studies in school and university where I fell in love with art even more. Studying Fine Art, I learned about abstract paintings, sculptures and installations. They all play a part in how I experiment with my work today and why I continue to be inspired by anything that catches my eye.


What is the wildest look you’ve ever created?

I have a few but the look below really speaks to me. It was simple to put together but it was at a time where I started to explore full face paint looks which I’m currently obsessed with. I love the contrast between each colour and the texture I created using a fan brush. The final touch was finding the yellow background which brought the whole look together and it really feels like a work of art.

What is one piece of make up you couldn’t live without?

You can always catch me wearing coloured eyeliner and lipgloss. As long as I have both I’ll always be complete.


How important is Instagram to your industry?

So vital. My Instagram is my portfolio and the best way for me to reach the masses. The campaigns I’ve secured with the likes of Converse and the Tate Collective stem from the relationships I built on the platform with brands and other creators. Although Instagram isn’t always perfect, it has helped many creatives like myself to get noticed and get our foot in the door as it is the perfect place to showcase your content and secure amazing opportunities.


What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me is all about your own personal authenticity. It’s about being comfortable in who you are and owning it. Which is why I’m always trying to present new possibilities in make-up by pushing boundaries and creating the unexpected. When it comes to beauty I find it exciting that there are no rules, it’s all subjective and with that in mind, we can be ourselves without fear or judgement. 


You can catch more of Wendy’s looks on Instagram over at @wendysworld_xox and via the gallery below. 

  • Cover image @wendysworldxox/ Wendy Asumadu

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