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INSTAGLAM: Martha Butterworth blends glossy glamour with high art

We meet the make up artist playing with your expectations.

Born in Devon and now hailing from Cambridge, art has always been in Martha Butterworth’s vocabulary. Studying graphic design at art school, it wasn’t until 2015 that @marthamakeupartist realised it was beauty that spoke to her. Taking herself back to college to study, the vibrant creative discovered her calling and hasn’t looked back since. From fish-printed glossy lips to decorative miniatures framing eyes, Martha’s style is unique and striking, and her 61K and counting followers seem to agree. We caught up with the beauty boss in this week’s INSTAGLAM, so get to know Martha Butterworth here now…

Describe your beauty in three words…

Creative. Colourful. Constantly evolving.


Who or what has influenced you the most?

I find inspiration everywhere, I greatly admire some Artists like PatMcGrath, Alex Box, but I do like to keep trying the new. I don’t want to be pigeon-holed . It’s about the next idea, the next thing.

What is the wildest look you’ve ever created?

I have created quite a few crazy looks over the years, I like to have fun with it and surprise people sometimes. I don’t really know how to pick one. I’d say my most talked-about looks are probably: the skeleton leaf lip and eye work; the vein creations for Halloween; and temporary tattoo looks.


What is one piece of make up you couldn’t live without?

Make up I couldn’t live without has to be a brow pencil to define and thicken my skinny brows (many years over plucking) as well as a good mascara.

How vital is Instagram to your industry?

I think Instagram can be a wonderful platform for make up Artists. You have an opportunity to really get yourself noticed. It’s also great to form friendships and support each other. There are negatives, when you put yourself out there in such a personal way, it can be hard to take the comments if they aren’t what you hoped for. You do have to grow a thicker skin!


What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means confidence, self-expression and empowerment.

10 January 2020