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Intergalactic gang: the pop artist illustrating your futuristic fantasies

Robin Eisenberg and her alien babes are taking Instagram by storm: an LA based artist and designer, you can step right into her wild world with a click.

Taking her talent onto social media, she creates digital pieces which transport you into outer space to an empowered universe of feminine power. Eisenberg’s whimsical work celebrates sexuality, teaching women to be unapologetic about their desires and dreams, to look only to themselves for validation.

Documenting the lives of alien babes, her unique style sweeps us to a place without judgement, where fantasies come alive. Be that sharing a bed with a giant slice of pizza or swimming in a intergalactic pool with alien angels. Space sisterhood is a sentiment we can all fantasise about, but there’s no reality checks or overt negativity seeping into Robin Eisenberg’s work – it’s all about hope.

Follow Robin Eisenberg on Instagram here, check out her website here and buy prints online here

7 January 2020