The new series dedicated to uplifting emerging creatives across music, fashion, photography and more has lifted off on VERO.

When was the last time you saw something that truly inspired you, not just the same PR-friendly soundbites, Insta-friendly editorials or radio-ready anthems? In collaboration with authentic social network VERO, we’re here to give you a long overdue dose of culture.

Namely, our new series HUNGER DISCOVERS will be giving a platform to emerging talent and an outlet for free creative expression,  letting artists shine on their own terms. Across new creative editorial, original music videos and exclusive interviews, this is a meeting point for true creative collaboration. We’ll be spotlighting artists across a range of mediums, with the only requirement being that they have a passion for their craft.

First up is self-produced powerhouse CHINCHILLA, the London-based musician dropping self-empowerment anthems and send-offs to toxic exes, all delivered with soaring vocals and her larger-than-life style. She’ll be releasing a new music video and giving us unique insight into her process and inspirations. Stay tuned on our platform throughout the next two weeks for more from this chameleonic artist.


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  • Photo Doma Dovgialo

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