Introducing the talents of tomorrow: everything you need to know about GFW 2019

The Graduate Fashion Foundation have hosted 12 proficient final year students from across the UK to profit in gaining premium industry experience through the annual Talent of Tomorrow campaign.

After nearly three decades since its founding, Graduate Fashion Week, inaugurated via the Graduate Fashion Foundation is approaching to its 28th anniversary. Though years go by ever so swiftly, the four-day event continues to bring together the most avant-garde and ground-breaking talent to the world’s eyes, promoting the creative leaders of tomorrow’s society.

This year’s campaign started off with the iconic annual photoshoot, where a selection of graduate designs is habitually reviewed by a noteworthy photographer and stylist. In previous years, the photoshoot has been organised likewise curated by one valued creative and followed up by their team all the way through. However, this year’s campaign has taken a completely different curve.

The final entries were supervised under the direction of a trailblazing photographer, Erika Astrid, and by the reputable stylist Jennifer Mertens alongside 12 final year students all derived from courses that take part in Graduate Fashion Week on a yearly basis. The scholars were invited to assist at the London’s Old Truman Brewery site, for the photoshoot.

On a “luck” note, the students had the privilege of having their designs modelled during the shoots, with the chance of being spotted by world-known fashion influencers. The debut of the students’ work in London featured an eclectic, innovative and refreshing range of apparel, highlighting diverse influences and unique styles.

Nonetheless, the post-activity feedback received from professionals isn’t to be neglected. Martyn Roberts, Graduate Fashion Week’s Director explicitly said: “This year’s work is innovative, inspiring and truly unique. The high quality of work is portrayed in this shoot is just a snippet of the array of talent that will be on show at Graduate Fashion Week. We look forward to seeing the collections used in the campaign on the runway in June.”

Hands up for the Graduate Fashion Foundation, acknowledging the growth of emerging talents across the UK creative scenery. Cheers to that. Click through the gallery below for more and head online here for information.

  • words Chidozie Obasi

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