Is TikTok okay?!

We’ve collectively turned to the video app to cure our cabin fever and the results are wild.

In order to miss what’s happening right now with coronavirus, you’d have to be in one of two scenarios. One: locked in the German Big Brother house with no access to phones or Internet. Two: taking part in a twelve day silent meditation retreat in the desert, like a certain 30 Seconds to Mars singer.

For the rest of us, the past few weeks have been spent cracking under the pressure of uncertain doom, inevitable financial collapse and the fact that all canned goods have been swiped from supermarkets. To help get us through, we’ve done the only thing we know how: made a fool of ourselves on the Internet. Because it’s 2020, we’ve specifically turned to TikTok, where our chaotic energy has been well-received. And this time, clearly quarantined from their handlers, celebrities have also gotten in on the action….

In the spirit of the truly bizarre times we live in, we’ve rounded up the most WTF coronavirus content on TikTok below. Expect Vanessa Hudgens, witches and WHO.

Vanessa Hudgens x Ashley Tisdale

Google “Vanessa Hudgens” right now and you’ll likely find reports of her disastrous IG Live from 16 March, where she said things like “it’s a virus, I get it, I respect it” and “people are gonna die, which is terrible but inevitable?” She’s since apologised for her comments, but if you want some more #wholesome content head to her TikTok where she and fellow HSM alum sing “We’re All In This Together” over FaceTime.  Vanessa is shown clutching a wine glass throughout (I mean, same) which probably explains what went down on IG.

Witches of TikTok

The witches are at it again! We’ve had covens hexing Brett Kavanaugh, putting spells on Trump and now…using dark magic to combat coronavirus? Nothing surprises us at this point, so if the witches of TikTok prove they can keep this virus at bay then we’ll be digging out some crystals and sage.


In response to coronavirus, Gen Zers have been getting creative. A song released by the Vietnamese Government instructing the public on hand-washing best practice has swept TikTok as part of a dance challenge and teens are out there reimagining archetypal summer experiences with a COVID-19 twist. But other content creators are a bit more “business as usual” such as @mavlarue, who’s racked up over 450,000 likes with a clip showing him lounging back and hitting the books amidst coronavirus chaos.

WHO gets in on it

The World Health Organisation has, for obvious reasons, been going into overdrive in recent months. In an unprecedented move, they set up their own TikTok account in order to “get down with the kids” and combat coronavirus misinformation on social media. They’ve even made their very own coronavirus challenge, urging TikTok-ers to give their hands a good scrub. It’s very “mum on Facebook”, but we love to see it.


Join the WHO ##SafeHands challenge and show us how you practice ##handhygiene to be safe from ##coronavirus. Let’s fight ##COVID19 together!

♬ original sound – who

20 March 2020