Jamal Edwards died after taking recreational drugs, says his mother

Brenda Edwards has said her son Jamal died from cardiac arrhythmia after he took recreational drugs.

The entrepreneur re-shaped British music and helped launch countless careers before tragically dying earlier this year at the age of 31. His mother, Brenda Edwards, a singer and Loose Women panellist, said in a statement on Tuesday she was in a “state of shock” after finding out how he died.

She said: “Since I last spoke I have sadly learned that the cause of Jamal’s devastating passing was due to a cardiac arrhythmia caused by having taken recreational drugs and I wanted to address this myself to everyone who loved, admired and respected my son.”

In the note, Edwards states that “these types of substances are unpredictable” and that it takes just “one bad reaction to destroy lives”.

“Since finding out the news I’ve been in a state of shock,” she said, before adding: “It’s so important that we drive more conversation about the unpredictability of recreational drugs.”

Edwards writes: “Jamal is proof that this can happen to anyone. His passing has shown that one bad decision on any one occasion can lead to devastating consequences.”

Find the full statement below.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit Instagram / Jamal Edwards

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