27 October 2021

James Arthur Is Our Latest HUNGER DISCOVERS Artist

The artist will be sharing his culture recommends and diving deep into his career so far on VERO.

Known for his expressive vocal style and searing lyrics, singer-songwriter James Arthur is ready to make 2021 his year. Signing a major recording contract with Columbia Records and gearing up to release his fourth album it’s clear that the artist is entering a bold new phase in his career, one which has already seen him sell 30 million records worldwide. 

While we have to wait to hear new album It’ll All Make Sense In The End, his single “September” has already been met with approval by fans (and an exclusive live session, which debuted on HUNGER Online). The emotional acoustic-meets-trap track, as we’ve come to expect from Arthur, delves deep into the musician’s inner world and thoughts, with him explaining that; “Basically the song is about being a massive fuck-up, but being with the perfect human being who sticks with you. It’s about the undeniable love you have for that person and wanting to start a family with them.”  

For the next week, the artist will be diving deep into his journey so far and sharing his culture faves – all you have to do is head to our VERO profile for more.


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