11 January 2022

Jeen-Yuhs — Netflix’s new docuseries on Kanye West’s illustrious life

The new Netflix show has been in the works for over 20 years…

Jeen-Yuhs, a new three-part Netflix docuseries covering the undoubtedly eventful life of musician and designer Kanye West, is due to be rolled out over the course of three weeks next month.

The series will delve deep into Ye’s personal life and career, documenting his rise as a global music sensation, his forays into fashion, and potentially his floundered presidential campaign to try and oust former US President/MAGA buddy, Donald Trump. 

Our first glimpse at the docuseries is a brief trailer that Netflix released on Monday. Unsurprisingly, it was filled to the brim with poignant closeups of the rapper, as well as his trademark one-liners.

The teaser is made up of a string of footage that stretches from the early days of the star’s career, where we initially see him hanging out with friends back in 2002. In one particular incident, Kanye says he felt disrespected by one — who said he wasn’t a “jeen-yuhs” yet.

We also see rare footage from the studio, on stage, and more, personal familial affairs that have likely been eclipsed by the rapper’s relationship with Kim Kardashian and, most recently, Julia Fox.

Since 2003, directors Chike Ozah and Clarence Simmons have been documenting Kanye’s life, and all of the ups and downs that have come with it: his presidential ambitions, his designer dreams, the death of his mother, and the evolution of his music career.

The directors’ combined footage spans years of experimental and self-proclaimed “genius” work that have pulled listeners in and converted them into fans, even if just for one album. 

But what can we expect? Jeen-Yuhs is likely to be an introspective glimpse into how the artist has navigated the world, and how he has triumphed, conquered and occasionally fell through the lens of both our adoring and often judgmental eyes.

It may be a story of how the rapper became a genius, whether he was born great, achieved greatness, or had greatness thrust upon him. But, more likely than not, the show might well be a love letter to himself. That is, years of footage that prove the height of the rapper’s intelligence and creativity in a world that may not always understand him. 

Jeen-Yuhs will be available to stream on Netflix on February 16

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  • Writer Ry Gavin

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