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Jessy Lanza is very online

Canadian alt-popstar Jessy Lanza, tells us her fave meme of the moment and gives us her thoughts on Gen Z roasting millennials on TikTok.

For those that don’t know her yet, Jessy Lanza is one of underground pop’s brightest faces. Signed to iconic label Hyperdub, she wraps upbeat production (made alongside creative partner Jeremy Greenspan) around introspective lyrics. This July, she’s set to release her first album for four years All The Time, already having dropped earworm singles “Face” and “Lick in Heaven”. 

In anticipation of her new album, we caught up with her for a fast-paced DM convo about ‘shroom memes and Gen Z dragging millennials on TikTok. 


@hungermagazine: Nice to meet you Jessy! What’s your earliest Internet memory?

@jessy.lanza: Going on my older sister’s computer to hang out in a chat room.


@hungermagazine: What are your five most-used emojis?

@jessy.lanza: 😭😑🥺🥴❤️


@hungermagazine: Has your screen time increased since self-isolation lockdown?

@jessy.lanza: I don’t think so! Pretty much the same. 


@hungermagazine: What’s your favourite meme?



@hungermagazine: Have you ever been blocked?

@jessy.lanza: Maybe! Doubt it though.


@hungermagazine: You’ve switched to private mode on Spotify: what are you listening to?

@jessy.lanza: UK True Crime podcasts.


@hungermagazine: Last person you stalked on IG?

@jessy.lanza:  Hoda Kotb.


@hungermagazine: Gen Z have taken to TikTok to criticise Millenials’ love of Harry Potter and basic humour…do you think that’s fair?

@jessy.lanza: I don’t know anything about Harry Potter! Definitely fair though.


@hungermagazine: What’s the longest you can go without being on your phone?

@jessy.lanza: I need to talk to my sisters and mom every day so no longer than 8 hours.


Want to hear more? You can follow Jessy over on InstagramAll The Time, Jessy’s third album, comes out on 24 July. 

30 June 2020