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Jimothy Lacoste is very online

As this week's Internet Guide, the bedroom pop artist shares early Internet memories of SB.TV and his experiences of celebrity dating app Raya.

DIY rapper and singer Jimothy Lacoste burst onto the scene in 2018 with tracks like “I Can Speak Spanish” accompanied by lofi videos shot on the streets of London or, in what would become his signature move, on the top of TFL buses and trains. Delivering laidback life lessons – “take it easy with your drugs or it could be a loss” – his music mixes common sense advice with surreal humour and a dash of brand aspirationalism on tracks like “Getting Burberry Socks”. As a young person in the city, his lyrics speak of the inadvisable drug use, constant hustle and idealistic ambition that define Gen Z and young millennial Londoners.

As somebody who launched his career with viral YouTube videos, Jimothy knows the Internet – which is why we’ve tapped him for this week’s Internet Guide. So, if you’ve exhausted IG, Twitter and TikTok during lockdown, give your digital diet a refresh with Jimothy’s recommendations…

@hungermagazine: What’s your earliest Internet memory?

@jimothylacoste: SB.TV

@hungermagazine: What are your five most-used emojis? Why?

@jimothylacoste:✅ need to know when I’ve done things
@jimothylacoste:🔊 coz I need to hear the bass
@jimothylacoste:🍖 to get gains
@jimothylacoste:🔫 coz I like trap music
@jimothylacoste:🚬 coz that shit looks cool sometimes
@jimothylacoste:🌍 coz the world is a beautiful thing that no one knows about but sadly people try and assume things which causes arrogance and that’s why shit gets dark sometimes

@hungermagazine: You’ve switched to private mode on Spotify: what are you listening to?

@jimothylacoste: I’m trying to listen to more Blondie on YouTube

@hungermagazine: Do you use dating apps? Which ones?

@jimothylacoste: Raya, didn’t like it didn’t go on a single date

@hungermagazine: Have you ever been blocked?

@jimothylacoste: Yes.

@hungermagazine: Last person you stalked on IG?

@jimothylacoste: I try and not use Instagram anymore, I only download it to post

@hungermagazine: What’s your most-used app? Why?

@jimothylacoste: YouTube. I love videos. They’re easy.

@hungermagazine: What’s the longest amount of time you can go without being on your phone?

@jimothylacoste: Never. Business never sleeps, unfortunately.

@hungermagazine: Favourite meme?

@jimothylacoste: I don’t know what meme means anymore

Follow Jimothy over on IG (our fave app) at @jimothylacoste. Check out his latest single “Always Improving” below.

8 April 2020