24 May 2023

Joaquin Phoenix is set to lead an X-rated gay romantic drama from Tod Haynes

The director revealed the project would hold an NC-17 rating after Phoenix pushed him to “go further” with the script.

Todd Haynes is cooking up his next film, which he’s described as “a gay love story set in 1930s LA.” And it looks like he’s found the right co-writer and star in Joaquin Phoenix, who Haynes said pushed him to “go further” with the script so it’d wind up with an NC-17 rating.

“The next film is a feature that’s an original script that I developed with Joaquin Phoenix based on some thoughts and ideas he brought to me,” Haynes told IndieWire recently while at Cannes. “We basically wrote with him as a story writer. Me and Jon Raymond and Joaquin share the story credit. And we hope to be shooting it beginning early next year.”

“Joaquin was pushing me further and going ‘no, let’s go further,’” Haynes added. “This will be an NC-17 film.” The rating means that no one aged 16 or younger can see it in cinemas in the US. As yet, it’s unclear exactly what the narrative of Todd and Joaquin’s movie will explore.

The last movie directed by Hanes, currently hosting its first screenings at this year’s edition of the Cannes Film Festival, titled May December, which starred Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, and is yet to receive a theatrical release date.

Meanwhile, Phoenix has been busy filming the follow-up to Joker, reprising the role of Arthur Fleck – which earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor. This time around, the Joker won’t be alone, with Lady Gaga set to portray his love interest, Harley Quinn, in what is one of the most anticipated films in recent times.

  • Writer Chris Saunders
  • Banner Image Credit YouTube / Jimmy Fallon

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