6 March 2023

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is in his grunge era in new sequel leaks

Behind-the-scenes images from the downtown LA set were recently leaked online, giving us our first glimpse of the film.

Time to put on a happy face. Joker: Folie a Deux is now in production, currently filming in downtown Los Angeles, with leaked images from the set giving fans an early glimpse of Joaquin Phoenix as everyone’s favourite comic book villain.

However, this time, it seems Phoenix isn’t the only clown in town. The first footage and photos leaking out of the LA set show a total of three Jokers running around the city streets for a chase sequence. In the sequence, Arthur (Joker) jumps out of the back of a vehicle and into the middle of traffic, a cameraman following closely behind as the other clowns chase him. One assailant wears Arthur’s Joker suit while the other wears a clown mask.

Meanwhile, set photos also give us a better look at Phoenix back in the clown suit, although not quite how you expect. Arthur’s given up the bright red, yellow, and green getup for a much more muted, dusty grey suit, with a mustard shirt to match. The clown paint has been applied but in a much sloppier manner than the first time around. Maybe we’re seeing Joker in his grunge era?

While details around the movie’s plot are still kept under wraps, it was revealed that Lady Gaga would be starring alongside Phoenix, and it’s been reported that Folie a Deux is, in fact, a musical. The film is expected to release in cinemas in October 2024.

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