27 November 2023

Jontha Links’ Connie takes us to Japan with his poignant photo diary

The musician recently returned from a trip to Japan, where he explored Tokyo before venturing away from the crowds into the Japanese countryside.

When LA-based, midwest-bred musical duo Jontha Links first set out to make music, they bonded over a love for their craft, and both headed into the industry with an unparalleled passion for what they wanted to create. Comprised of two first-generation American former engineers, they found their unlikely successes in a slew of releases in 2020, amassing millions of listeners with their blend of pop, hip-hop, and punk. Speaking on their journey to creating their new EP material love, the duo “wanted to make something deeply personal, but then there’s this pressure to make something with popular appeal.”

“That materialism exists in the music we grew up on too. In material love we accept the duality. We use the sounds of 2000s radio to write songs that are raw, honest reflections on who we are today — it’s something both old and new.” 

Recently, Connie embarked on a journey to the eclectic cityscape of Tokyo and the idyllic Japanese countryside, taking a much-needed cultural reset. Here, HUNGER takes a tour of Japan with the musician as he heads from Tokyo Skytree to Mount Asama in this photo diary of his travels…

Asakusa Shrine (Asakusa, Tokyo)

Photographer: Hiroe Fujimoto

Bunkyo-ku Tokyo

Tokyo Station (Chiyoda, Tokyo)

Ginza, Tokyo

Takashita Street (Harajaku, Tokyo)

Karuizawa (Nagano, countryside)

Sezon Museum of Modern Art (Karuizawa)

Photographer: Hiroe Fujimoto

Narita International Airport

Shibuya, Tokyo

Tokyo University

Tsukiji, Tokyo

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