11 March 2022

‘Just don’t do it’: Artist releases limited-edition print to raise funds for Ukraine

Artist Hayden Kays is selling a heavily-discounted print to raise funds for the civilians of Ukraine

Six months ago, when there were only murmurs of a potential conflict between Russia and Ukraine, artist Hayden Kays was inspired to make an artwork, titled, ‘Just Don’t Do It’. Little did he know that just several months later, Russia, under President Vladimir Putin’s orders, would invade Ukraine — a country that has been independent since 1991. 

The image just sprung to mind,” Kays tells me, detailing that he recently just discovered that his paternal great grandparents are Ukrainian. “I just felt compelled to do something small rather than nothing.”

He is now selling a heavily discounted hand-pulled silkscreen print of the artwork in order to raise funds for the Choose Love Ukraine Crisis Fundraiser, which are using donations to provide vital aid and services to those still in and fleeing the country. 

The timed release is available until 9:00 AM GMT on Thursday 17th March. All profits from the sale of the edition will be donated to the fundraiser to “help with the enormous humanitarian tragedy unfolding in Ukraine as we speak.”

So far, Kays has raised, 3,500 since the sale began on Sunday, which has proved heartening for the artist. “There’s good money in the world, and people who want to do good things with it,” he says. 

You can purchase the limited edition print for £125 and free domestic and international delivery, here

And here is a comprehensive list of resources to help the people of Ukraine now. 

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