20 July 2022

Just in for the heatwave — furry hats courtesy of Dries Van Noten

Style always comes over comfort, even in 40-degree weather. 

As part of Dries Van Noten’s FW22 collection, the Belgian designer has given the classic Gilly Hat a pretty flamboyant makeover. Coming in a light blue mohair blend, the hat features long strands of soft hair all over, whilst also spilling over the sides, resulting in what looks like a wig made from the fur of an electric blue extraterrestrial creature.

Credit: Dries Van Noten

After the collection was revealed, Van Noten described it in a press release as “a tribute to a life that we lost, a dreamy atmosphere with no boundaries. It is all about having fun again, touching, kissing people, exploring the forbidden, living carefree.”

While the piece is for F/W22, it is available for purchase now if you’re looking to live out the 63-year-old designer’s carefree mantra (albeit at the cost of a sweat-covered head).

Other products included in the collection include standout tie dye turtlenecks, baggy denim jeans and stunning floral printed t-shirts. 

  • Writer Chris Saunders Banner Image Credit

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