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Just Married: A satirical 60-style honeymoon album

Huge bouffants, hot dogs for dinner and road-tripping in a campervan in the Cotswolds: step inside Tom and Denelle Ellis’ retro-tinged honeymoon.

The London-based photo duo and newlyweds IRL latest series – Just Married – is a collection of allegorical images, with the image makers as models depicting a husband and wife in domestic scenes seemingly set in the 1960s.

“The series depicts our blueprint for the ‘utopic marriage,’ satirically speaking,” the pair tell HUNGER. “Through a sequence of re-enactments inspired by our honeymoon, each memory-turned-image stylised with surrealistic tweaks and hyperbolised twists—we pay tribute to the ideals we both first held about marriage.”

“In a time when the individual and their personal representation is more important and prevalent than ever before, we’ve found ourselves inspired to revisit and reinvent the comically and painfully flawed backdrop that is our shared past.” Currently in production, the follow-up series – The Newlyweds – will aim to interrogate that year wherein we felt thoroughly robbed of that “newlywed euphoria” and “portray that desire to rewrite our past.” Check out the series exclusively on HUNGER below.

‘Just Married’ by Denelle + Tom Ellis opens on August 16th, from 6-10pm at Peanut Factory Studio, Unit G7, 56 Dace Road, E3 2NQ. For more information and further updates head to @amarriedcouple

10 August 2018

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