8 June 2023

Just Stop Oil activist Phoebe Plummer arrested by Met Police following London protest

Plummer is arrested in a London cafe following a break in her bail conditions and tells the public that “our freedom and our democracy are under threat by this government.”

The Just Stop Oil (JSO) activist Phoebe Plummer has been arrested by the Met Police due to her role in a slow-march protest in London on the morning of the 7th of June. Plummer is best known for her involvement in throwing tomato soup on van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ to protest climate change. 

Plummer was a part of the 54 protestors that walked the streets of the capital to support scientists’ warnings that it is too late to stop the loss of the Arctic summer sea ice. However, she previously received bail conditions on Monday the 5th of June to stop her from partaking in this particular protest. 

The terms prohibited her from marching on “any roadway within the UK” following her previous arrest. In the video that has been shared of the moment she got arrested, Plummer sits in a London cafe as the police approach her, and she peacefully complies – despite still waiting on her hash brown order.

In the video on the Just Stop Oil Twitter page, Plummer says: “We got off the road when they asked us to when they issued the Section 12, but I have bail conditions not to protest on any road in the UK. This is a completely draconian overreach of power. Marching has always been part of our democratic process. Our freedom and our democracy are under threat by this government.”

Remaining peaceful, she shares that she is being arrested for demanding the same things as “internationally-respected scientific bodies” like the UN. She is then led out of the cafe and continues to use her time being handcuffed to preach for change by calmly stating her case and what she stands for. “I can’t stand by and do nothing while the government takes a course of action that they know is going to kill millions of people. People are needlessly suffering and dying, and that’s why I broke my bail conditions today,” she tells the camera. 

JSO has now shared that they feel Plummer may be detained for breaking her bail conditions. Plummer previously spoke to HUNGER about her modes of protest, telling us that “we will only consider ourselves successful when the government meets our demand for no new oil, so until that point, we are going to keep fighting and keep escalating.” You can read the full interview with Plummer and her fellow JSO protester Anna Holland here.

  • Writer Ella Chadwick

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